New Mexico Law Office of the Public Defender - Immigration Assistance Page


Noble & Vrapi, P.A. is a contractor for the New Mexico Law Office of the Public Defender and provides immigration assistance and advice.  This page exists to give LOPD Attorneys and Contractors a streamlined process in order to obtain accurate and timely immigration advice on their cases.  Please follow the steps outlined in here in order to obtain assistance from us per the contract we have with the LOPD.  

1.              A Litigation Services Request (LSR) form must be completed by the representing attorney for each client per case.

2.              A prefilled Noble & Vrapi form is located here.

a.    The form includes a 2 hour professional time default at $150/hour.  This is neither a minimum nor a maximum payment.  It is the typically amount of time needed for Immigration Consultation services.  Please do not adjust the hourly rate.

b.    If you feel additional time will be needed (multiple cases for the same client, multiple charges for the same client, and multiple charges for plea agreements all of which have to be analyzed separately) please enter a larger number of professional hours.

c.    If you are unsure of the amount of hours needed, contact us for a quote at:

d.    LOPD LSR approvals:

                          i.         LSR’s under $1,000: requires the District Defender, Managing Attorney or CCLS Director’s approval and Fiscal Services Unit (FSU) approval.

                        ii.         LSR’s over $1,000: requires the above noted approval as well ASD Director’s approval.  In their absence the Chief Public Defender or Deputy Chief Public Defender’s approval can be obtained. 

e.    In the event this is an emergency, please email both LOPD at and Noble & Vrapi at to inform all parties that a LSR form has been submitted.

f.      Provide the signed LSR to your administrator to obtain FSU approval. FSU will send the approved LSR via email to us, notifying us that they we may begin services. The District Office (Administrator and Attorney) and Contract Counsel (if applicable) will be courtesy copied in the approval email.  We may begin providing services once we receive the approved LSR.  Any work performed prior to approval of the LSR will not be paid.

3.              After the LSR form has been approved, representing attorney must fill out the secure online form here:  If you need to complete the form with a client in jail or would like to review it before going to the above link, a PDF of the form is located here.  Once this form is completed online you will be emailed a copy of your submission for your client file.

4.              After submission of the form, please email any relevant documents to supplement the submission (whether criminal or immigration related) to


In most cases, we will provide you with a memorandum opinion within 2 weeks of complete submission of information and documentation as described above.  If more time is needed, we will get in touch with you to discuss timing and needs. 

If you have any questions please email or call 505-352-6660.


Thank you!

Noble & Vrapi, P.A.