Crimmigration: Assistance to Criminal Defense Attorneys

Noble & Vrapi, P.A. attorneys are experts in the intersection of criminal and immigration law.  This page is for criminal defense attorneys representing immigrants. The United States Supreme Court and many other state supreme courts have clearly placed a burden on criminal defense counsel to advise immigrant defendants regarding the immigration consequences of their pleas. We are passionate about ensuring that immigrants understand the immigration consequences of their pleas; therefore, Noble & Vrapi, P.A. is willing to provide a free 15 minutes of advice to any criminal defense attorney. Please fill out the details below and, upon submission, an attorney from our firm will contact you with a preliminary opinion shortly. Many times we may be able to give an opinion in a short amount of time.  In that event, the time we spend advising criminal defense attorneys is free. If further research or investigation is necessary in order to render an opinion on a particular issue, a retainer agreement would be needed.

If your case is a LOPD case (whether handled by LOPD attorney or contract attorney) do not use this form.  Instead follow directions found here:

If you would like a free preliminary opinion on your case, please complete the following steps:

1. Fill out a secure, confidential form with information about the criminal case and immigration status of your client here.  Once this form is completed online, you will be emailed a copy of your submission for your client file.

2. Following submission of the form, one of our immigration attorneys will contact you shortly with a preliminary opinion. 

If you are a CJA contract attorney please note that CJA will pay up to $800 for experts like us without prior court order.  

If you have any questions, please call 505-352-6660 or email

Thank you!

Noble & Vrapi, P.A.