Core Values



A team of all of us working together is much stronger and can accomplish more than the sum of what we can do individually.  We share one common mission: Breaking Barriers | Changing Lives.  We come to work every day to do just that for our clients and for the benefit of immigrants everywhere.  We care for each other and help each other even when it is not our job to do so.   



“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” Matthew 7:12, is our motto.  We treat each other, clients, government officials, judges, and opposing counsel with dignity and respect no matter the situation.  We greet everyone with a smile.  No matter how stressful our jobs become, we make sure that everything we say and do serves to build others up and not to tear them down.  We spend time to listen to others so that we can fully understand problems and develop individualized solutions.



We strongly believe in honesty and openness.  We give realistic, honest opinions to our clients.  We never overestimate chances of success to try to convince any client to bring their business to us.  We will never knowingly misrepresent anything.  We believe it is always better to face problems and seek to overcome them rather than to try to hide them.  We would much rather lose a prospective client because we are honest in what we can and cannot do than gain a client whose expectations we cannot meet or exceed. 



We are loyal to our team and to our clients.  Team members and clients are never alone in any challenge they face.  They have the entire firm behind them. 



Mediocrity has no place in our firm. “We find solutions” is our approach to a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.  We seek unconventional solutions to legal and strategic problems when there seems to be no conventional solution.



We strive for excellence in everything that we do. We take on fewer cases so that we can ensure that we represent our clients well and exceed their expectations.  We enjoy a high reputation in the legal community with judges, opposing counsel, and government officials.  We continually strive for even higher levels of excellence.



We believe in the “Mission Possible.”  We seek to break barriers that stand in the client’s way, and our goal is to change our clients’ lives for the better in that process.  We will not quit because things are getting hard, and we will not turn down a case because it is hard.  We have acquired a reputation as the “go to” firm for hard cases.  We have won many cases that were previously labeled as “unwinnable” and have learned in the process that with creativity, hard work, and dedication, the “impossible” can become the “accomplished.” 


Work-Life Balance

We love our team members, and we want each and every one to enjoy their lives to the fullest.  We are supportive of each other during times of difficulty and are each other’s cheerleaders during times of triumph.  We put family first.  Our work does not take the place of our families, and we expect all of our staff to keep this balance in their lives.  It is only through this kind of balance that we can maintain fresh, positive approaches to the work we do for our clients.